Friday 16 October 2020

Sparassis crispa - Cauliflower Fungus- Sandringham Estate Park, Norfolk

 Sparassis crispa - Cauliflower Fungus- Sandringham Estate Park, Norfolk

Just returned from a superb mini break to Norfolk.  Perfect time of year (commencement of fungi season) to pay a visit to the magical Sandringham Estate Park, Norfolk.  Would definitely return.  A great peaceful vibe and variety of trees.  A very impressive park with two walks.  Sun low in the sky and the wonderful smell of leaf mould and fungal spores - so was hopeful of finding some mushrooms.

Cauliflower fungus is, as the common name suggests, resembling a cauliflower.  Even the florets and stem on close inspection look like so.  The texture is elastic and the mass is tight.

Characteristics: large cauliflower mass.  Creamy initially but darkening with age. At the base or near conifers. Up to 60 cm diam. Comprising a large number of flattened wavy lobes all joined together from a central stem which is short.  Texture firm and elastic. Mild sweet smell. Summer to Autumn. Not common.

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