Wednesday 31 January 2018

Clavulina Rugosa - Wrinkled Coral Fungus

Clavulina Rugosa - Wrinkled Coral Fungus

Strolling around the University Park, Nottingham University I was pleased to come across Wrinkled Coral Fungus again.  Although this fungus is common this is only my second sighting.  This time I was able to photograph it just emerging through the soil, and also found a young example.  For those out there looking for it - I must say that when in the 'just emerging stage' it is very easy to overlook.  It lies flat to the ground and looks like cauliflower florets.

Showing fungus just 'emerging' 

Showing the wrinkled texture

Mature fungus

On close inspection it is easy to see how it acquired its common name as the wrinkles are so apparent.


White or cream the fruit body is 5-10 cm tall and wrinkled in appearance.  It is branched towards the tip, then blunt.  The texture is soft and flexible and its fragility can cause bits to break off.  There is no obvious stem.  To be found in small groups on soil and mossy grass in or near leaf litter next to trees.  Summer to Autumn.  Common.