Monday 30 May 2011

Crich, Derbyshire, Everton and Samson Woods, November 2011

Crich, Derbyshire.

Crich is a village within Amber Valley,  Derbyshire.  Nearby is the famous Crich Tram Museum.  The TV series Peak Practice filmed scenes in Crich, better known in the series as Cardale.

Decided to visit The Crich Memorial Stand on a bright, sunny but cold November day.
Even in Summer it is cold on top of  this steep hill.  Saw a fungus that is buff, and has a very precise and sharp margin.  Stem being coarse and mottled.  So far I have not identified this one.

Also during November I made a return trip to Samson Wood in Nottinghamshire.   Discovered what I believe is Reticular lycoperdon.  A pea size fungus, buff,  in small clusters on a tree trunk.  I was puzzled at first as to what it could be - but on gently squeezing one was surprised to find it full of dry, powdery gleba.

I also made a trip to Everton Wood, Yorkshire/Nottinghamshire.  Spotted a very unusual fungus.  It has a pure white cap and a very shiney brown stem that resembles the colour and texture of highly polished wood or teak.   So far I have not identified this.  Also came across something that has a white cap but with a delicate pink hue.  White distant gills and a grey/translucent stem.  Again, I have not identified this yet.

All of the above can now be seen on Browse 3.