Friday 19 March 2021

Exidia glandulosa - Witches' Butter

 Exidia glandulosa - Witches' Butter

This Spring, I have come across masses and masses of Witches' Butter.  Although a common fungi, there can be some seasons whereby there have been no sightings.  

It usually grows on the dead wood of deciduous trees and branches so look on the ground too for dead branches and twigs and you may spot it.


2-6 cm across.  Disc shaped at first then fusing into gelatinous fused together masses.  The upper surface can be velvety.  Blackish. When touched it feels jelly like.  Common.  To be seen all year.  Habitat: on dead wood of deciduous trees, sometimes on dead areas of living trees and dead branches on the ground.

Showing mature example on the point of fusing