Monday 12 August 2019

Enteridium lycoperdon

Enteridium lycoperdon

Enteridium lycoperdon is a member of the Myxomycetes most usually referred to as Slime Moulds.  
The majority of these are very tiny but a few can be seen with the naked eye.  A very primative fungus and a subject in itself.

Wandering around my allotment earlier this year I came across Enteridium lycoperdon.  It was larger than previous ones I'd seen, and a week or so later it had burst releasing a mass of brown spores.  Having never seen the spores burst out I thought I'd share the photographs in this post.

Characteristics: medium to large sized whitish cushion.  Can feel rubbery and soft.
At maturity it breaks down to expose reddish brown spores.  Usually to be found on dead trees but usually the tree is still in the ground.  Can be seen throughout the year but mostly in the Spring.

Cushion-like fruit body

Reddish brown spores exposed