Monday 7 May 2012

Dale Abbey November 2011

Dale Abbey November 2011

Dale Abbey is a village situated 6 miles east of Derby.  It has what is probably one of the smallest churches in the country (All Saints) measuring just 25 feet by 26 feet and shares a roof with an adjoining farmhouse. Behind the church is ancient woodland containing mixed trees and also a cave known locally as Hermit Cave.  This was carved out of sandstone by a local baker in the 12th century who wished to live life as a recluse.  This measures just 6 yards by 3 yards.

Set off one Saturday November morning with a friend plus her two dogs. The sun shone though it was bitterly cold.  No fungi other than Jew's Ear to be seen in the ancient wood which was surprising.  Thankfully, we had brought along flasks with soup and so decided to sit on a bench in the little grass area surrounding the tiny church.  I wandered off to inspect the grass and found two Hygrocybe ceracea (I think), lovely bright yellow and cheerful looking.  The cap being not quite so conical as other Hygrocybe.

Also during November I visited Nottingham University Campus and found a small cluster of  Rickenella fibula (orange mosscap).  These were in thick mossy grass in a damp area near fir trees.  Again, cheerful bright orange colour, deeper in the middle of the cap and tiny being no bigger than 0.5-1 cm diam.

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