Wednesday 18 September 2019

Oudemansiella mucida - Porcelain Fungus

Oudemansiella mucida - Porcelain Fungus

I have to give credit to my son for finding this beautiful little fungus.  Whilst I was busy photographing a Russula he had spotted some huge brackets and then saw the Porcelain Fungus growing in profusion on a large dead beech tree.

Having always admired the delicate beauty of this fungus in books, it was just great to see it first-hand.  We spent a long time taking photos of this discovery at various stages from very young to mature.  Both of us captivated by it.  It is like pure white porcelain that has morphed into a fungus! And just begs to be photographed.


Cap up to 8 cm across, when young grey, slowly turning white. Semi-translucent, slimy.  Looks shiny. Gills distant, pure white. Stem also white, striate above the ring which is membrane like and delicate. To be found on dead beech in clusters; sometimes large. Later Summer to Autumn.  Common.

Showing top of the cap

Showing distant gills and membrane ring
Showing a cluster with young examples

Showing cap and stem

Friday 6 September 2019

Polyporus loptocephalus - Blackfoot Polypore

Polyporus loptocephalus - Blackfoot Polypore

Only my second sighting of this little Polypore.  The first being on a golf course in Angus Scotland several years ago.  This time it was on my own patch in Derbyshire, England!  It was growing in isolation on a broken twig lying on the ground amongst leaf litter.  The specimen in Scotland was as its maximum size which is 10 cm across.  This tiny little one was about 2 cm across but perfectly formed.  The black marking towards the base of the stem being a perfect example of why it gets its name.


Cap 1-10 cm across, funnel-shaped with an irregular margin edge.  Indented at the point where the stem attaches.  Oche-brown becoming tan with age.  Finely lined.  Pores white later becoming brown. Stem approx up to 5 cm, narrow with blackening at the base.

Showing cap

Showing the black marking at the base of the stem 'Blackfoot'

Close-up of cap