Friday, 6 September 2019

Polyporus loptocephalus - Blackfoot Polypore

Polyporus loptocephalus - Blackfoot Polypore

Only my second sighting of this little Polypore.  The first being on a golf course in Angus Scotland several years ago.  This time it was on my own patch in Derbyshire, England!  It was growing in isolation on a broken twig lying on the ground amongst leaf litter.  The specimen in Scotland was as its maximum size which is 10 cm across.  This tiny little one was about 2 cm across but perfectly formed.  The black marking towards the base of the stem being a perfect example of why it gets its name.


Cap 1-10 cm across, funnel-shaped with an irregular margin edge.  Indented at the point where the stem attaches.  Oche-brown becoming tan with age.  Finely lined.  Pores white later becoming brown. Stem approx up to 5 cm, narrow with blackening at the base.

Showing cap

Showing the black marking at the base of the stem 'Blackfoot'

Close-up of cap

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