Thursday 3 May 2018

Morchella esculenta vulgaris

Morchella esculenta vulgaris

I always enjoy the visits to my allotment and a walk round the perimeter to see if I can find any new fungi.  I nearly missed it, but growing in soil, solitary next to a raised bed was a Morchella esculenta vulgaris.  At various times its also had the following names:
Morchella conica, M. deliciosa or M. esculenta var. vulgaris.

It is quite distinctive in that the ribs of the cap are more or less parallel and the pits have grey coloration. 

Characteristics: 5-12 cm high, the cap is ovoid. The ridges (ribs) being mainly parallel, the pits are irregular in shape and with grey coloration and having a honeycomb appearance.
The cap being grey-brown but becoming lighter with age. Stem is white and hollow and tapers slightly.  Slight grooves can sometimes be seen. No distinctive odour or taste.
To be found in gardens and wasteland - late spring.  Occasional.

Showing perspective

Showing close-up