Thursday 8 March 2012

Crucibulum - Bird's Nest Fungi

Bird's Nest Fungi  - October 2011

Received two photographs of Common Bird's Nest - Crucibulum laeve taken in Ely, Cambridgeshire.
Full description and acknowledgement given on fungiworld.

What is Bird's Nest Fungi?

A fungi in which the spores develop in small egg-like baskets better known as (peridioles).

There are several types: namely

Common Bird's Nest  Crucibulum laeve, which can be viewed on Browse 4 of fungiworld.

Fluted Bird's Nest  Cyathus striatus

Field Bird's Nest  Cyanthus olla
Nidularia deformis

A return to Scotland - October 2011

A return to Scotland - October 2011

Returned to Scotland for the second time in eight weeks.  Should have been bird-watching in Majorca with Chris but due to previous mentioned sadness (see August blog) this could no longer be the case.  I couldn't bare to stay at home so my kind friends invited me to stay with them.  Still numb from events I set off once again.

A marathon railway journey (nine hours) due to Saturday engineering works.  When I got to York the train took a massive detour to Carlisle instead of the east coast route up to Edinburgh.  This little tour took 1.5 hours but the bonus was new territory for me and stunning views.  Once in Edinburgh the train stopped for a further 30 minutes before setting off again for Aberdeen, allowing us to stretch our legs and smokers were directed to 'smokers corner'!.  Different anyway.

On the outskirts of the golf course at Letham Grange I stumbled across Lyophyllum connatum.  Very petite and a very swollen base of stem.  Pure white, cap, stem and gills, and in groups amongst leaf litter.   

Again on the edge of the golf course in deep lush grass I found what might be Clavulinopsis 
luteoalba.  Not 100% percent certain, but it did have pale white tips with an egg yellow body.  They were scattered around in little groups.

These can now be viewed on Browse 4.