Friday 14 September 2018

Coprinus niveus - Snowy Inkcap

Coprinus niveus - Snowy Inkcap

This fungus grows specifically in dung - usually horse or cow.  The example I found was solitary in horse dung in a grass verge.  As the name suggests this fungus is white, and the cap is covered in chalk-white meal.  In fact, it looks as though it has been coated in fine, dry, white snow.  A rather captivating mushroom actually.  Very visible when appearing out of dark coloured dung.  I was fortunate to capture this one in its prime.


Cap up to 3 cm high.  Egg-shaped to conical firstly and then bell-shaped at maturity. White and covered with chalky white meal. Also with maturity the margin edge splits and can roll back.  The gills are firstly white, quickly turning grey, then black and deliquescing.  The stem is rather tall up to 9 cm with a cottony base and scurfy texture.
It tapers slightly from bottom to top. It has no strong odour.   Usually in small groups on horse or cow dung.  Summer to Autumn.  Quite frequent.  Not edible.

Showing perspective

Showing the chalky white mealy texture