Sunday 3 November 2013

BBC warning of Wild Mushroom Foraging October 2013

Ashdown Forest, Sussex

The BBC reported on the 8th October that professional foragers are cashing in on the market value of mushrooms.  Some prized mushrooms have been taken.

It is not actually illegal to pick wild mushrooms but to do so for commercial gain IS.

Today 3rd November 2013 it is reported in the Mail on-line that mushroom pickers have stripped the New Forest of wild fungi to sell to hotels and restaurants.  One Common at a national park (Bramshaw Common), in Hants has no edible mushrooms left.  The same thing happened last year.

Unfortunately media chefs are encouraging foraging during the recession and this is not only endangering  the future of many mushrooms but causing consequences such as trampled ground and other environmental impacts.

I wonder if these commercial chefs know that fungi need protecting and conserving, are vital to the eco-system and are natures recyclers.

Experts have been giving warnings for the past 15 years that the only solution might be heavy fines.

So,  Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall et al, please, please, use your high profile status to encourage the population to appreciate and protect mushrooms and not to pick too many of them.