Sunday, 25 August 2013

Gymnosporangium confusum up-date

Gymnosporangium confusum update

In a previous blog dated 26th May 2013 I wrote about a rust that I photographed on a friends Juniper tree and was subsequently confirmed to be G. confusum which was a first recording for Nottinghamshire.

The spores travel over a number of weeks either to hawthorne or pear trees.  Observations followed over some weeks and I couldn't locate a hawthorne tree, nor see a pear tree infected in adjacent gardens.  On a practical level though, it is impossible to knock on the doors of all local strangers and ask to snoop around their gardens!

During the period when the spores travel,  I was invited around to see a different friend who has a large orchard garden.  Knowing my interest in fungi, he mentioned that one of his pear trees was becoming infected with rust.  As the crow flies his pear tree is probably 500 m from the Juniper tree.  It is probable, but I can't prove it, that his pear tree became infected from that very Juniper tree.  The photograph here shows the rust.  All photographs relating to
G. confusum can be seen on Browse 4

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