Sunday, 27 January 2013

Crepidotus variabilis

Crepidotus variabilis (Variable oysterling)

Visited Shipley Country Park, Derbyshire, during November 2012 accompanied by a friend who also enjoys the Shipley Woods as much as myself.  Such an atmospheric wood the majority of trees being ancient beech.  We always come away feeling peaceful.

There are also many dead beech trunks lying around and on one such log I found my first ever
Crepidotus variabilis.  Not very big only up to 2cm diam. -  a dirty looking white kidney-shape.
The texture being felty/hairy and just a small cluster of three or four.  The gills are particularly impressive in their beauty - being distant and very decurrent..

Also on the same log were a little cluster of Calocera cornea.  A maximum of 2 cm in height and very difficult to photograph. Awl shaped and not forked.  Bright yellow when fresh and then turning more orange in maturity.  Felt tough and gelatinous.

These photographs can now be seen on Browse 4.

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