Monday, 2 April 2012

Coprinus Lagopides and Clathrus archeri

November 2011

On a winter walk around the Nottingham University Campus, I nearly missed what I think is the very delicate Coprinus Lagopides.  A small group of three were nearly hidden in tall grass.  Lagopides is very similar to Lagopus. Definite identification though is mainly distinguished by the spores. I did not carry out such a test.  They were so delicate and fragile that I feared that if I got too close they would collapse.  The cap being virtually transparent.

Clathrus archeri

Received an email and photograph of Clathrus archeri.  Thrilled about this as it is rare in the UK.
Mainly in Southern Europe but slowly spreading to some southern counties in England.  This one found in
Hampshire.  It resembles a pink or red star fish with between 4-8 arms.  Erupts from a whitish egg and the spore mass is dark olive green and is foul smelling just like Stink horn. 

Both can now be viewed on Browse 4.


  1. Efectivamente, es muy similar el C. lagopides al C. lagopus. Las esporas del L. lagopides son casi redondas. Lo acabo de clasificar en este momento y lo he recolectado sobre restos vegetales, debajo de unos arboles ornamentales tipo Cipres de Lauxon. Por otra parte, aquí el C. archiei es bastante abundantes.

  2. Hello Pablo,

    Thank you for your message and comments. Agreed, they are very similar and the only way to distinguish accurately is to examine the spore print.
    You are lucky that C. archeri is abundant - I have yet to see one for myself. The photograph on my website was kindly taken and provided by a lady in Hampshire - Southern England where it is a rare. I'm not sure if it will ever creep further north in the UK.

    Best wishes