Monday, 28 November 2011

Fungiworld back on-line and Pholiota flammans

I am very relieved that Fungiworld is now back on-line after a 15 day absence due to a huge surge in visitors.   I have now purchased an unlimited bandwidth package so all should be well from now on.  

Blidworth Wood, Nottinghamshire, July 2011

Blidworth Wood lies in the southern section of Sherwood Forest and consists of pines and broad-leaf trees.
Decided to try this wood as a change from my usual Samson Wood which is located very close by.

Half buried under pine needles and which was nearly missed - was a Pholiota flammans.  Very bright yellow scaly cap as well as the stem. The ring being difficult to see.  Having found a Pholiota squarrosa previously in Scotland several years ago I had always been on the lookout for a flammans.  It did not disappoint, this small, solitary, bright yellow fungus.

This can now be viewed on Browse 4.

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