Monday, 18 April 2011

Elvaston Castle and Samson Wood

October 2010.  Another batch of photographs taken last October.

Firstly, Elvaston Castle, Derbyshire.  Found an interesting fungus which resembles Boletus Calopus.  The cap being very light grey with a very definite suede/velvet texture.  The stem though has no characteristic netting pattern.  In fact, it looked like a rhubarb stick!
Also came across what I think is a Mycena rosea.  This was solitary and buried in leaf-litterSmelt of radish.

Also October 2010.  Samson Wood, Nottinghamshire.  Found what I believe is a Boletus edulis and finally a beautiful Omphalina ericetorum amongst grass and moss.

All can now be seen on Browse 3.  

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