Sunday, 13 March 2011

Weekend work on my website fungiworld

It has been difficult to concentrate this weekend on editing my photographs and up-dating the website because of the terrible earthquake in Japan.  I have been awaiting news from a friend who is currently in Tokyo.  The task has taken far longer than usual as I keep checking the latest internet news images.

Thankfully, at last I have received an email that he is okay.

Last October 2010 I visited a wood near Blidworth, Nottinghamshire called Sansom Wood.
It is a nice wood with a special atmosphere - a mix of broad-leaf trees and pines.
I discovered some new fungi during my visit and they are now available to view on Browse 3.

Jelly fungus or Leotia Lubria.  The cap looked black but on closer inspection it was a very deep olive green.
Also Hebeloma mesophoeum.  The cap being distinctive with what looks like a brown circle in the middle of the cap.

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