Saturday, 12 November 2011

Volvariella bombycina and a poignant and sad end to July 2011.

Volvariella bombycina - July 2011

A nice summer evening, with a slightly moist atmosphere so we decided to visit Bramcote Wood west of Nottingham. Was very pleased to find a lovely little group of Marasmius rotula and admired their parachute-like caps.  I did not expect to find anything else but on the return path to the car something caught my attention.

A huge white cap protruding out of a half rotten arched tree trunk.   Cap dimension being up to 20 cm with the most exquisite texture.  Whitish silky fibrous texture, that felt like soft sheep wool.  Some of the strands having a yellowish tinge.   The fibres overhung the margin edge like a curtain pelmet.  The gills being flesh pink and the stem emerging from a volval bag. Amazing!  I just had to keep stroking those silky fibres.  Can be seen on Browse 3.

Everton Wood - July 2011

I had to work that particular day, so Chris visited Everton Wood, Notts/Lincs border to do some bird watching.  He sent me a text to say he'd found a huge attractive fungus.  I responded saying, .......well you know the sort of pictures I need - cap, gills and stem!  Previously, much as he tried, he just could not take good pictures of fungi. But on this occasion he did.  He took three magnificent photographs of a Lepiota(=Macrolepiota) procera - with special emphasis on the superior double ring.  I am so glad he succeeded as these photographs can now be seen on Browse 3.  Very tragically indeed my precious partner Chris died nine days later and this is a very sad and poignant blog for me to write.  Thankfully he did know his photographs would appear on the website - I just wish he could see them.

These can now be viewed on Browse 3.

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