Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Laetiporus sulphureus - Chicken of the Woods

Laetiporus sulphureus - Chicken of the Woods

I'm always drawn to this mushroom - such cheerful vibrant colours - it is difficult to overlook.  The colours can vary from very vivid egg yellow to more toned down colours including hues of orange and pink.

The photograph shows a mature example whereby the margin edge has become wavy, thinner and more pale.   A younger example would have a thicker margin edge.  This was found on an old beech log which has been lying on the ground for many years.

Showing the wavy and crinkled margin edge with maturity

Dimensions: Up to 40 cm across and 12 cm thick with hues of pink and orange.  In tiers on dead trunks including beech, yew and other broad-leaf trees.  Pores smooth and sulphur-yellow.  Sour smelling.  Late Spring to early Summer and not common.  In a young example the margin edge is rounded and full.

Monday, 5 June 2017

Psathyrella candolleana - Pale Brittlestem

Psathyrella candolleana - Pale Brittlestem

I came across this fungus a week or two ago.  At first glance it looked very similar to Glistening Inkcap - Coprinus micaceus.  The fundamental difference being that Glistening Inkcap has glistening fine granules on the cap and the cap is grooved.

The Pale Brittlestem on the other hand, has very fine white scales sparsely scattered on the cap when young.  These can look floury when dry.  The cap itself is bell-shaped and then flattened and 2 - 6 cm across.  Frequently it has remnants of veil at the margin edge giving a 'toothed' appearance.  It is pale tan but can dry to almost white.  The gills are crowded and light grey to start with, gradually turning dark brown.  The stem is white, hollow and can be up to 8 cm tall.  Its habitat is on or near deciduous trees, logs, stumps and cut timbers. This example was found on a small timber step on a path in a mixed wood. It is common.

Showing floury white scales and 'tooth like' remnants of veil on the margin edge