Saturday, 24 September 2011

Bunny Wood, Nottinghamshire and Sowdley Wood, Clunton, Shropshire, June/July 2011

Bunny Wood, Nottinghamshire, June 2011

A half day trip to Bunny Wood.  Everywhere very dry and so was surprised to find a Polyporus varius.
Although it was well hidden in a hollow that had a damp muddy patch.  In the middle of the muddy patch lay a log and there was the solitary Polyporus varius.  A lovely looking fungus with a frilly margin which reminded me of the leaves of a cabbage lettuce.  The light was very bad so the photograph is rather grainy.
There was also a fun moment at this point.  Chris exclaimed that he had found an exotic looking fungus.
Alas it was a false alarm.  Someone with a very good sense of humour had set out to fool fungi hunters by placing a porcelain mushroom under a bush complete with a bright purple elongated cap and a white wavy stem!

Sowdley Wood, Clunton, Shropshire, July 2011

Based ourselves at Bishops Castle for the weekend.  The weather being absolutely gorgeous.  Sunny, warm and dry although there had been some rain the previous week and so was hopeful that I would find some fungi.  Chris spotted something bright yellow half hidden under some leaves under a pine tree.
Unusual characteristics.  Ugly looking with a thick stem that was turning black.  The texture was very felty and we had a debate as to whether it was like a peach or a nectarine.  I won the day and it was agreed it felt like a peach.  I later identified it as an Onnia tomentosa.   Unusual to be growing at such low altitude.

The following day we had another successful day.  On a dead log I found Trechispora mollusca which is white and resembles a lace-table cloth in appearance and it is rather porous.

Also found some small brown like fronds growing on a pine tree trunk - only 1 cm in length which I cannot yet identify.  We found a lovely location for lunch.  A field surrounded by trees.  Alone with birdsong, wild flowers, butterflies and nice views - it felt like paradise.

These photographs can now be seen on Browse 3.

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