Saturday, 30 December 2017

Omphalina rickenii

Omphalina rickenii

Omphalina are very tiny.  The cap size varying between 0.5-2 cm across.  They are funnel-shaped, usually with decurrent or forked gills and having a central depression in the middle of the cap, thus resembling a tiny umbrella.  The cap margins have a tendency to be wavy and undulating.  Usually found in moss in varying soil types.

I have come across Omphalina rickenni twice in 12 years.  On both occasions this tiny fungus was growing true to habitat in moss.  The first time it was perched amongst moss on a boulder which formed part of a wall.  The second time was on Boxing Day this year.
My brother spotted it first whilst moving his car.  This time the Omphalina was in moss adjacent to a brick wall.  Omphalina rickenni is to be found next to walls.  It is easily over looked owing to its small size.

Below is a series of photographs taken showing the very young through to maturity.

Young showing wavy margin

Showing perspective of small size

Showing wide decurrent gills

Showing funnel-shaped cap at maturity with undulating margin

Characteristics: Cap 0.5-2 cm being greyish/brown with undulating margin, the flesh being thin. Gills decurrent, broad and forked and when inspected carefully are interveined.  Stem is concolorous with cap, slim and equal being up to 3 cm tall.
No ring.  To be found in moss in small groups either on or near walls.  Autumn to Winter.

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