Monday, 17 November 2014

Bovista paludosa (Fen puffball) found in Wales

Bovista paludosa (Fen Puffball)

I was recently sent a newspaper article reporting that the Bovista paludosa (Fen Puffball) a rare type of fungus has recently been found in Wales, UK. So I wanted to share this story.

 Overall, only five examples have ever been recorded in the UK, thus making it one of the country's rarest fungi.  This fungus was discovered during a survey into 200 of the country's most important bog and fen sites.
It is such a rare fungus that it is named on the "Natural Environment and Rural Communities list as a UK priority conservation species".


Pear-shaped 1-8 cm across. White or light coloured. When young it has a smooth appearance, with maturity it can appear granular.  A short stalk may be present.  The fruit body at maturity may break away from the stalk which allows it to be blown around in the wind allowing the spores to be spread.  The spores are purple - brown roughly spherical or ellipsoid in shape, and 3.5–7 μm in diameter.

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