Tuesday, 5 June 2012

500th image on Fungiworld

500th image on Fungiworld

Well, the Queen celebrates 60 years on the throne and this weekend I up-loaded on fungiworld my 500th photograph of British fungi in 6 years! A mini achievement - hard work but still exciting and fulfilling.

The 500th image being one I cannot accurately identify.  If anyone can help me out please contact me. I think it is a Hygrophorus - it has all the characteristics ie waxy texture.  The stem is pure white with grey or black fibres scattered on it.  The cap is grey but peeling in places.

On a Winter walk during December along the canal path from Beeston to Nottingham I spotted a lovely fungi which might be Lepista sordida.  It was certainly an unusual colour being pinkish/lilac and brown all at the same time!  Also residing in a hedgerow which is characteristic of Lepista sordida.

Anyway, on reaching a suitable eatery, I rather enjoyed my mushroom soup! and garlic bread which sustained me for the return walk which was directly into the winter sunshine.

These can now be viewed on Browse 4.

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS and well done Alison on finding your 500th fungi and in such a short time! You have found the courage and strenght to battle on despite losing your loving partner Chris in a terrible accident a year ago followed by a severe disabilitating illness, to continue to give us all (the world over) such pleasure from your lovely photographs---------thank you Alison on behald of all your admirers