Friday, 29 April 2011

Everton Wood, North Nottinghamshire/South Yorkshire border

November 2010.  Visited a new area called Everton Wood.  En route to this wood we had to drive up a minor road.
The wood is next to open pasture land.  Something caught my eye.  A huge ploughed field that had been heavily manured was full of quite large fungi.  I have never before seen fungi growing in such abundance in a large soiled area.
They were quite large, cap up to 20 cm, whitish grey, all growing or just appearing out of a volva sac.  At this stage I cannot identify them so will seek an opinion.

Also whilst in this field I came across what I think might be peziza vesiculosa which also favour manured soil and is frost resistant.

These can now be viewed on Browse 3

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